Harbor Celebrates 100 Years!

A Message From Justin

Harbor Family,

Our 100th year is a great time to reflect on the past, present, and future. May we never forget where we came from, recognize and appreciate who we are today, and look to the future with hope and inspiration for the meaningful impact we can make through our continued growth and stability. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine stewarding something beyond our own lifetimes. While I’d love to see where Harbor goes over the next 100 years, I recognize that many of us won’t be around that long. We have to build a culture of stewardship and a foundation of succession to ensure that our important purpose of Fortifying Community outlives our own individual contributions to this organization.

I believe that we’ve built something truly special that has a positive impact on the amazing people we work with each day. All of you are so critical to our success and we’ll do our best to ensure that Harbor is a positive influence on your life, supportive of your career ambitions, and a place your family would be proud to have you part of. We have a rare opportunity to serve awesome customers each day as well, the independent businesses (like us) that make up the backbone of our economy and the real-life fabric of the American Dream.

So what does all of this mean for the next 100 years and beyond? Our work is far from complete, we’re growing, expanding into new territories, and becoming a “safe Harbor” for people seeking a great place to build a career, or a food supplier that “has your back” through the good times and bad. Our customers range from corner stores, to neighborhood pubs, c-stores, and so many places in between to grab a quick bite, your daily necessities, or break bread. We’re all about building relationships and lifelong memories. We don’t answer to Wall Street investors or hedge funds, we’re all about Family and you’ll find our trucks up and down “Main Street,” Fortifying Communities throughout the West.

Our strategy is simple. Build an incredible organization that is the most desirable place to work and serve as the independent option for our entrepreneurial customers who value* our service and support. We’ve built something that stands the test of time, 100 years is no small accomplishment and I believe we’re built to last for decades and generations to come because the work we do is important, and our team is truly incredible. We think long term, remain true to our values, and that’s exactly why we will continue to make decisions today that ensure our success tomorrow. Harbor was built to last, one of the rare companies that continues to survive and thrive, even during the most challenging times. Make no mistake, Harbor will change and evolve over time. Things look a little different around here since our humble beginnings in 1923, yet the same spirit of innovation that brought us through the past 100 years will take us into the next century and beyond!

Cheers to our first century!


Video Presentations

Year-to-Date 2023


01/7 - Lacey DC Party - Little Creek Casino, 5:30 PM
01/14 - Kent DC Party
- Snoqualmie Casino, 5:30 PM
- Roseburg DC Party - Seven Feathers Casino, 5:30 PM


Local Harbor 100 Celebrations


03/9 - Washington 100 Year Anniversary Tradeshow - Tacoma Convention Center
03/23 - Oregon 100 Year Anniversary Tradeshow - Seven Feathers Casino, Roseburg OR


Local Harbor 100 Celebrations

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