Restaurant Restart

Resources to help you as you reopen your doors to customers

    Supporting your back-of-house operations

    A Back-Of-House Perspective for COVID-19

    We all know it by now, COVID-19 has totally disrupted the restaurant industry. With major changes to operations, most resources on how to best adapt have been focused on front-of-house operations. While front-of-house operations are key, a focus on back-of-house operations can help provide even more comfort to customers dining at your location. To provide a back-of-house perspective, our Chef, Derek Bugge, shared insights on how he would adapt to support his team through COVID-19.

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    Staying ahead of the game

    QR Coded Menus:

    What you need to know (plus best practices)

    Covid-19 mandated ‘single use’ menus, are costly and wasteful. Restaurants and bars across the industry are turning to QR Codes that are linked to digital menus and contain the menu exploration experience on your guest’s smartphones.

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    Sanitation and Operational Adaptation

    Sanitation Checklist

    The successful reopening of dining rooms and bars as shelter-in-place regulations begin to ease will depend on the appropriate balance of adhering to currently mandated regulations and public sentiment requiring adjustments to your physical spaces and operational shifts.

    Our checklist includes front and back-of-house, office areas, staff considerations and more.

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    signage program

    Signage You May Need

    We have put together a package of generic signage that you may need as you prepare to reopen. These files are downloadable PDF’s ready for you to print or take to a print service. Some of them are interactive allowing you to input your own information (phone number, hours of operation, etc.)

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    Additional Resources

    Resources for restaurants during COVID-19 and what comes after

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    Industry Market Reports


    Beef, Poultry, Pork, & Lamb Market Update

    This weekly update will give you information gathered from the meat industries to help you prepare with pricing, availability and overall expectations regarding your meat based products.

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    Cheese and Dairy Markets

    This weekly report looks at global dairy markets including cheese, milk and butter. The charts display overall markets over time and current stocks. Forecasting keeps you ahead of the game.

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    Produce Market

    Your produce market report will give you market alerts on all produce items, a weather update, a freight update and a commodities at a glance graphic so you can see exactly where the market lies for each individual item.

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