Beef, Poultry, Pork, & Lamb Market Update



Beef: Light sales and softer prices this week but the decline in boxed beef isn’t as sharp and is starting to level out. Weights and quality grading continue to decline, indicating a current fed cattle population. Choice/select spread is narrowing some more, with middle meats contributing the most to this. Another week of ribs trending higher, with recovered interest.

Chicken: A handful of items still show limited availability, with increased demand and supply restraints; thigh meat, leg meat, and tenders to name a few. Labor issues continue to problematic but has seen some improvement. Overall, proving to be a quiet and seasonal trending market with the lack of activity.


Fresh thigh meat steady. Fresh breast meat steady. Fresh tenders steady. Small wings down. Medium and Jumbo wings steady.


Butts, Spareribs, and Back Ribs down. Picnic and cushion steady. Trim, Legs, Loins, and Bellies up.


Boxed Lamb remains steady with good demand.


Strips, Tenders, Tops, and Short Loins down.

Chucks & Rounds

Shoulder Tenders, Clods, and Eye of Rounds down. Chuck Rolls up.

Thin Meats

Flanks, Briskets, Sir Flap, Tri Tip, Skirts, Ball Tips, Short Ribs, and Pec meat down.



Ground Beef