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Apples – The market for small galas is down slightly as supply is finally back to normal. Small grannies will remain scarce until the upcoming harvest in September. Large-size gala inventories remain low. The market overall is steady.

Asparagus –Volume increases on STD/LRG out of Mexico bring down prices, but supplies on XL/JBO are very low. More 28/1# are being packaged for retail.

Avocados –The market is on the rise due to good demand and light supplies of big fruit. The upcoming Mexican holiday next week (Benito Juarez) will cause production to slow down. The quality is good overall.

Bell Peppers –The supply of Florida is limited this week. Due to weather during the planting season, there was a delay in planting, creating heavy first-pick peppers. Mexico’s supply is limited this week.

Berries (Blackberries) –We have a small gap in plantings over the next few weeks out of Central Mexico. This item will become tighter overall as markets increase. The quality overall is good.

Berries (Blueberries) –Central Mexico supplies are getting lighter. There are still decent numbers coming out of the Florida area on Peruvian import fruit. Overall, the market is higher and the quality is good.

Berries (Raspberries) –A flush of fruit over the last week has caused the market to soften after several weeks of very light supplies.

Berries (Strawberries) –The West Coast is experiencing multiple rain events causing a shortage of fruit. Baja is still producing decent numbers and Central Mexico is nearly done. Florida is trying to stretch their season through the end of March provided the spring heat in that area does not get too intense.

Broccoli –Supplies continue to be good in Santa Maria, Mexico and Yuma. Overall, the quality continues to be above average. Look for this market to stay steady going into next week.

Brussels Sprouts –There is good availability and pricing is competitive in the industry. Expect steady production with this commodity throughout the week. Overall, good quality is being reported.

Carrots – Whole carrot supplies continue to be tight due to recent inclement weather. Markets are up as well.

Cauliflower –Cauliflower supplies continue to be extremely limited due to the recent and current cold weather in Santa Maria and Yuma. Hope the expected warmer weather in Yuma will spur growth. Look for this market to stay high with fewer supplies throughout the week.

Celery –This market is active. Rain and cool temperatures continue in the growing regions. This has directly affected the size of this commodity. Small sizing, thirty-six counts, in particular, has the best availability while large sizing commands a higher price from all suppliers. The weather in Yuma will warm up this week, but southern California will remain cool. Expect stronger markets throughout the week. All value-added products are escalating. Florida’s production is moderate.

Citrus (Lemons) – The main growing region is District 1 and is peaking on FCY fruit. District 2 will get started in better volume in late March and will bring more choice-grade fruit into the market. Overall, the quality is good.

Citrus (Limes)– There was an increase in crossings last week which brought more fruit and tempered the rising market. Crop peaking on smaller fruit and quality has improved. Expect the volatile market to continue through April.

Citrus (Oranges) - Supplies are peaking on 72/88/113ct with deals to be made on small fruit. The quality is good. Markets have been low but will firm up with rain/cold weather in the forecast.

Cucumbers – Supply is moderate in both Florida and Mexico. Overall, the market is steady and the quality is good.

Eggplant –Florida’s supply is moderate to limited. Mexico’s supply is moderate this week. Overall, the market is steady and the quality is good.

Garlic - Steady California production is expected throughout the week. Good quality has been reported.

Grapes (Green) –Green seedless grapes are plentiful on both coasts. The east coast volume is much higher than on the west. Wide ranges in price and quality.

Grapes (Red) –Red seedless grapes are plentiful on both coasts. The oversupply is not as severe in the west. Wide ranges in price and quality.

Green Onions – Mexican-grown supplies are struggling a bit this week. Recent cold weather has delayed the crop and there is a chance of rain this weekend. Overall, the quality is good.

Kale –This market continues to be steady. Moderate to good availability is expected throughout the week. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is steady.

Lettuce (Iceberg) –This market is steady overall. As demand has been slightly off throughout the country, this commodity has become more readily available to meet all needs. With warmer temperatures expected in the Yuma region, expect steady supplies for the week. There continues to be no escalation for value-added products. Some common defects being reported include misshapen heads and outer leaf discoloration due primarily to cool weather in the past weeks.

Lettuce Leaf –Supplies continue to be plentiful from multiple shippers for romaine as well as green and red leaf items. Romaine hearts have moderate availability. This market will likely get stronger in the next few weeks. Some common defects being reported are blistering and peeling, fringe burn, as well as discoloration on the outer leaves. These defects are directly caused by cool temperatures.

Lettuce Tender Leaf –Tighter supplies continue on cilantro, parsleys, spinach, and arugula due to the recent cooler weather in Yuma. Weather in the growing area does start to improve going into the weekend. Overall, the quality is expected to be fair and at steady pricing.

Melons (Cantaloupe) – There is good volume this week and it will continue next week. Sizing is more for larger fruits. Overall, the market is steady and the quality is good.

Melons (Honeydew) –Slightly better volume for this commodity. Pricing will remain on the higher end due to good demand and Mexico’s lack of product.

Melons (Watermelon) – Prices are increasing as Mexico’s production drops until April. The quality overall is good.

Mushrooms – Excellent supplies and promotable volumes. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is higher.

Onions – The northwest season is in the final stages but will be available through Mid-April. Texas supplies are increasing. California desert supplies will be available in late April. Overall, the market is lower and the quality is good.

Pears –The market is steady and inventories continue to be light. Most shippers are down to Anjous and Bosc.

Pineapples – Steady open market volume. Overall, the quality is good and the pricing is higher.

Potatoes – The market remains active for this commodity. There is good availability on Norkotah cartons. Burbanks and #2 stocks remain the most limited. Overall, the quality is good.

Squash – Mexico’s supply of yellow zucchini has been very limited and steady. Florida supply is moderate this week. Expect the zucchini supply to become more moderate as the week progresses.

Stone Fruit –Imported peaches, plums, and nectarines are available on both coasts. Supplies are light and the quality is very nice. Peaches will start finishing up for the season in about two weeks. Greek and Italian imported kiwi is currently at a steady price but remains in light supply.

Tomatoes – Yields from Florida remain light but volume from Mexico has increased which is keeping the market steady. Tomatoes continue to come from Florida and Mexico. The quality overall is good.


California –There will be fair conditions today and early Thursday, with morning lows in the 30s to low 40s and daytime highs in the 50s to low 60s. The SLO county and north are mainly affected by moderate to heavy “atmospheric river” showers and storms tomorrow, but the entire area could still receive heavy rain. It will rain heavily through Friday night and then taper off on Saturday. It is predicted that storm totals will range from 2-4” to over 5”.

Mexico –Across the region, temperatures will remain steady through Friday. Over the weekend, temperatures may trend cooler due to increased afternoon clouds and the possibility of a few isolated showers. Through Friday, highs will be in the upper 70s and 80s. Across Central Mexico’s growing region, morning temperatures will remain in the mid-40s to mid-50s. There will be dry weather tomorrow and isolated showers from Friday through Sunday.

Florida –A weakening frontal boundary drifts across central Florida today bringing a slight chance of showers to the Tampa Bay area and southern Florida in the afternoon and evening. Tomorrow will be dry before another slightly better-formed front arrives Friday afternoon. This system should first bring showers to north Florida, then drop south through the evening with rain chances for most fields. Dry again on Saturday and Sunday. Highs will be in the mid-70s-mid 80s with lows in the upper 50s-mid 60s for most of the period.

Arizona –A strong high-pressure ridge builds over the Southwest over the weekend keeping the storm track to the north and temps unseasonably warm. Afternoon highs today will be in the high 60s to mid-70s warming to the mid-70s to upper 80s Friday. Continued warming Sat/Sun, in the upper 70s to mid-80s.


Trucks remain steady in the Northwest, Idaho, and California. The national diesel average remained steady at 4.282 per gallon and California also remained steady at 5.316.

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