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Apples – Very nice quality. Small Gala, Fuji, and Pinks in light but adequate supply.

Asparagus – Very good supplies and quality coming from Peru and Mexico at this time. Market has adjusted lower and will continue through the weekend.

Avocados – Rain the growing areas has limited harvesting. Supplies on 48’s and larger remain light this week, markets are on the strong side. Supplies on smaller sized fruit look to be in better shape this week. Orders need to be placed early for better coverage.

Bell Peppers – Markets are slightly higher this week. Light supplies coming out of GA but expect the GA crop to go well into late November. South Florida will start in a light way this weekend and Plant City will follow suit. In the west, rain this past weekend has lightened up production as northern growing areas wind down. Coachella has started in a light way with better volume by early November. Overall quality is generally good. Green bell peppers out of Mexico will be available out of Nogales in about two weeks.

Berries (Blackberries) – Slightly lower availability out of Mexico has caused firmer pricing.

Berries (Blueberries) – Better availability from Mexico and Peru have caused the market to stabilize lower.

Berries (Raspberries) – Steady numbers out of Mexico are expected through most of November.

Berries (Strawberries) – Salinas and Watsonville are done for the season , Santa Maria, Oxnard and Mexico are the primary growing areas moving forward. Rain markets are in effect.

Broccoli – Limited supplies continue out of the Salinas Valley, Santa Maria and Mexico. Fields have been lost due to quality issues such as pin rot, brown bead and cat eye. Look for this market to continue to stay strong through next week.

Brussels Sprouts – Supplies and quality continue to stay steady. Look for the market to continue to stay steady going into next weekend.

Broccoli – Supplies continue to be extremely tight on all Broccoli and Floret packs. The recent warm weather has brought fields for-ward and fields have been lost due to quality issues such as pin rot, brown bead and cat eye. Look for this market to continue to stay strong through next week.

Carrots – Quality is good on all bulk and value-added product. Demand on value-added packs continues to be strong and all packs are on weekly allocations. We strongly advise putting orders in early.

Cauliflower – Cauliflower supplies continue to be limited due to the recent heat and rain. Quality is fair with minor discoloration. Expect supplies to be limited going into next week.

Celery – This market has the most availability of row crop items. The best production will be in Oxnard/Santa Maria. The pack size, twenty-four counts has the sharpest pricing available. Salinas still has light production if needed. The quality continues to be above average.

Citrus (Lemons) – Domestic supplies out of the desert are steady and markets are stable. Imports are winding down for the season, lots of deals out there to move them out. Supplies out of Mexico are steady and we have options to load out of Texas.

Citrus (Limes) – Supplies are steady, and quality is looking good. We have availability out of Texas, and also have cross dock options out west and east coast.

Citrus (Oranges) - We are at the tail end of the season on Valencia’s. The shippers who still have them should conclude this week. Navels have started in a light way, and will gradually improve weekly on supplies. We’re currently peaking on 88’s &113’s. Markets are stable, but should stabilize in a couple weeks when everyone is in full swing. Current brix levels are 9-12, and quality is looking very clean.

Cucumbers – Markets fairly steady. Good supplies of cucumbers on the west; east coast supplies are adequate due to cooler weather. Overall quality is good. South Florida cucumbers have started in a light way with more guys starting over the next two weeks.

Eggplant – Markets are slightly higher. Eastern supply is lighter; Georgia is the primary growing region till Fl ramps up. Quality is good. Western supplies are light but expect relief in early November once Nogales begins.

Garlic – California supplies remain tight. Imports from China will help offset in a minor way. Pricing is higher and quality is good.

Grapes (Green) – Seasonal decrease in supply along with the recent rain will keep this market strong. Still good supplies and quality as many grapes are already packed and in the barn.

Grapes (Red) – Seasonal decrease in supply along with the recent rain will keep this market strong. Still good supplies and quality as many grapes are already packed and in the barn.

Green Onions – Green Onion supplies continue to be steady. Look for this market and quality to continue to stay steady as we move into next week.

Kale – Steady supplies are keeping this market level. Watch this market closely with this past rain storm.

Lettuce (Iceberg) – Light supplies will continue thru the month of October into November. Demand exceeds supplies.Escalated pricing is in effect for value added commodities as well as contract business. The quality is fair with heavy rains and temperature variations causing lightweights and discoloration. Yuma will begin production the second week in November. Huron has light production.

Lettuce Leaf – Demand exceeds supplies. Escalated pricing is in effect on value added items with romaine. Green leaf is very light in availability as well. Tip and fringe burn will be seen so please be aware. This is industry wide issue. Expect light supplies for the next few weeks minimum.

Lettuce Tender Leaf – Watching spinach, arugula and cilantro closely as the recent rain has caused quality conditions. Look for these markets to go slightly higher going into the weekend.

Melons (Cantaloupe) – Cantaloupe supply remains very limited. Very few cantaloupes coming out of Nogales. Desert supplies are much lighter than normal. Quality is good. Mexican markets are tight and most cants are staying south of the border. A limited supply of offshore cantaloupes will be available out of Florida starting next week; size is ranging on Jmbo6s, Jmbo9s, and 9s.

Melons (Honeydew) – Ample supplies of honey dews coming out of Nogales; quality is good. Desert supplies are adequate.

Melons (Watermelon) – Markets steady with good supplies and quality.

Onions – Super, colossal and jumbo sized onions remain elevated. Growers have completed assessments of their storage and yields are below expected.

Pears – The packout is running to the large sizes and quality is very nice. This is causing the smaller lower grade pears to be in
light supply and is keeping the price firm.

Pineapples – Supplies are steady and markets are stable. Quality is good on whole and crownless fruit. Plenty of product on both coasts.

Potatoes – 40 - 60 CT continue to dominate size profiles. 70 - 120 CT stocks are limited.

Squash – Good supplies of squash available out of Nogales; promotable volume available. Eastern supply is lighter this week due to cooler weather with Georgia the main growing region. Southern FL has stated in a light way with plant city area starting by the first week of November.

Stone Fruit – Peaches and Nectarines are done for the season. We will have plums in good supply thru the end of November. Time to switch to other fall fruits like Kiwi’s, Persimmons, and Asian Pears. All currently loading in the Central Valley.

Tomatoes – Markets remain elevated on both coasts as crops continue to transition south. East coast is moving down to Florida but wont see significant supplies till mid-November. Northern CA crops will go thru the end of the month. Quality is good as most shed are cleaning up any wind scarring and some occasional decay. Mexican supplies continue to remain light but improved supplies on both rounds and roma's not expected to see significant improvement till mid November.


California – High pressure brings warmer weather today with morning lows in the 40s to low 50s and afternoon highs in the mid 60s to mid 70s. Temps warm slightly tomorrow and Friday until an upper level system cools temps on Saturday.

Mexico – Near to slightly below normal temps through the end of October. While a relatively dry forecast is in store for the region over the next five days, a few isolated showers or thunderstorms are possible.

Florida – West to northwesterly flow continues over the peninsula as high pressure builds to the north. An intense convective area approaches from the Lower Mississippi Valley across the panhandle and northern Florida this afternoon into Thursday, with up to 2 inches of rain and gusty winds up to 25 mph.

Arizona – Afternoon highs up to 5-10 degrees below normal today warming Thursday/Friday a few degrees above normal due to building high pressure ridge. Temps warms Friday to the mid 80s to low 90s.


Trucks remain tight and expensive in the Northwest, Idaho, and California. The national average is up slightly and is now at 3.713 per gallon.

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