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Apples – Market mostly steady. Inventories are thinning out and this would result in an up market if not for demand dropping to meet supply. Small Gala’s and Fuji’s are scarce as the remaining packout is skewing large. There are still deals on Grannies.

Asparagus – Mexican asparagus is winding down in Southern Baja and starting to transition to Central Mexico supply. Central Mexico is off to a slow start due to rain and hail. Peru is still facing cold weather, especially in the South (Ica) where production is very lim-ited at the moment. Look for Asparagus supplies to be somewhat limited as domestic supplies continue to slowly finish.

Avocados – Markets are increasing as the Mexico’s Negra crop winds down, as well as California. Flora Loca is right around the corner. Very light supplies of Peruvian fruit available.

Bell Peppers – Prices slightly lower. Georgia volume is strong, prices have dipped a bit, North Carolina will start in a light way this weekend. Western supplies remain limited as Bakersfield is slow to come on. Expect supplies to gradually improve.

Berries (Blackberries) – The heat has affected quality and yields out of California Central Coast production is slowly beginning to produce. Georgia has some fruit as well, some of which is being transferred west to help fill orders.

Berries (Blueberries) – West Coast production has been affected by heat in the Central Valley. Some shippers have quit production because of crop loss. Pacific Northwest production is several weeks late this year. North Carolina and New jersey are in production along with a few Georgia growers.

Berries (Raspberries) – Limited numbers of open market fruit is available as we are waiting on west coast production to pick up in late June.

Berries (Strawberries) – Production continues to peak in Salinas and Watsonville and shippers are struggling to keep the fruit moving. Quality issues are apparent from last weekends heat issues.

Broccoli – Broccoli supplies continue to be very good in Salinas and Santa Maria. Hot humid weather conditions and pest pressure in Mexico are negatively impacting yields in Mexico. Look for this market in Salinas and Santa Maria to stay steady going into the weekend.

Brussels Sprouts – Brussels Sprout supplies are starting to improve. Local supplies have started and are beginning to ramp up. Look for supplies to continue to improve with the local crop.

Carrots – Jumbo carrots are still in light supplies due to smaller sizing being harvested in current fields. Harvesting in Bakersfield, CA has begun, but Jumbos out of this region will not begin for another couple weeks to help increase sizing.

Cauliflower – Cauliflower supplies continue to be very good with the recent warm weather. Look for the cauliflower market to stay steady going into the weekend.

Celery – Southern California continues to produce good volumes of this commodity. The best deals continue out of Santa Maria and Oxnard. Salinas production is moderate to light. This is the main reason that there is a fluctuation of pricing currently. Overall, the quality is above average with seeders being reported. Demand is steady.

Citrus (Lemons) – District 1 (Central Valley) is still trickling in with peak sizes currently being 115ct and larger. District 2 (Oxnard/Ventura County) is now the main growing region; sizing expected to be peaking on 140ct and smaller. Due to growing conditions in this region, choice grade fruit will dominate the marketplace; Fancy grade prices will increase. Seedless lemon season will run through early-June. Gap is expected between growing seasons. Harvesting will end early-June and new crop production will start in early-November.

Citrus (Limes) – Markets are fairly steady. Rain is forecast in the growing regions of Veracruz Mexico thru next week. Expect slightly higher prices the back of this week. Quality is good with larger sizes still a bit snug.Citrus (Oranges) - Supplies on 113ct/138ct are slightly better. Valencia’s are now the primary variety. Gas times are around 24-48hrs; quality is strong. Brix are in the 12-14 range. We highly encourage sending orders in advance to help secure orders.

Cucumbers – North Carolina cucumbers are now available. Eastern supplies are good with Georgia still going. Baja cucumber volume has also increased. Expect fairly steady markets over the next few weeks.

Eggplant – Florida deal is finishing up quality much better out of Georgia. Western supply is short but Central Valley is starting this week. Wont expect significant volume till the end of the month.

Garlic – California supplies remain tight. Imports from China will help offset in a minor way. Pricing is higher and quality is good.

Grapes (Green) – Lower supplies on nice fresh green seedless in Nogales and Coachella are keeping this market up. The Nogales greens are running on the small side, mostly M/Ls. Coachella has better size. Good quality on all.

Grapes (Red) – Red seedless grapes are in serious over supply. Many medium large being quoted in low double digits or PAS. Mexican Flames crossing in Nogales are making up the bulk of the over supply. Quality is good. Some newer varieties such as Sweet Celebrations now shipping at higher prices. Coachella reds are also going in decent volume. Quality and sizing are good.

Green Onions – Green Onion supplies continue to be steady. Look for this market to stay steady going into next week.
Kale – Steady supplies are keeping this market level. Look for this market to continue to stay steady going into the weekend.

Lettuce (Iceberg) – Very warm temperatures in the growing regions saw record temperatures in northern and southern California. Although the heat has caused for lower yields, all orders should be filled for the week. Internal burn, discoloration as well as puffy heads will be common defects that growers are reporting. Weights will continue to scale at 39-44 pounds. Demand is steady, overall.

Lettuce Leaf – Fringe and tip burn will be seen and reported on romaine as well as green and red leaf. Demand is off as we enter into the summer months. Very warm temperatures this past week has created lower yields with multiple shippers on romaine and leaf items. Expect all leaf to be on the tight side near the end of the month. Production has eased up on romaine hearts compared to past weeks.

Lettuce Tender Leaf – Good supplies with quality overall fair to good with texture and size within specification. Italian parsley continues to be limited. The recent heat has caused seeders causing an industry-wide shortage on Italian parsley.

Melons (Cantaloupe) – Both the Imperial Valley and Yuma are in full production, more 9s and very few 15s. Expect this trend to continue.

Melons (Honeydew) – Nogales starting to come off. The Imperial Valley and Yuma districts are in full swing. More 4`s and 5`s few 6`s.

Melons (Watermelon) – Nogales supplies finishing up and Southern California supplies are improving daily.

Mushrooms – Promotable volumes of mushrooms available.

Onions – CA and NM seasons are in full production. Sizing is peaking on mediums and expected to get larger into the summer.

Pears – New crop California Bartletts will start about July 11th. Washington pear inventories are starting to thin out. Prices are generally higher.

Pineapples – Steady volume on the pineapple front. Fruit quality is good right now with no issues forecasted for the near future.

Potatoes – Potato market is extreme. Packing sheds are limiting production hours in an attempt to extend supplies into new crop. Some sheds are expecting a gap in supplies end of July.

Squash – Supplies have been strong out east but recent heat may drive prices higher as plants shut down with high temperatures. Westcoast supply is steady out of CA and Baja.

Stone Fruit – Good supplies on Peaches, Plums, Nectarines and Cots. The market on Peaches and Nectarines is steady to slightly up due to extreme heat curtailing some harvest. Cots and Plums are in better supply. Larger sizes becoming available on all types.

– Markets fairly steady. Quincy and South Carolina have started. Volume is expected to gradually improve. Western supply is continues to build volume. California will be starting this week in a light way. By the first week of July we expect good volume out of the San Joaquin Valley.


California – Strong high pressure continues the heat wave through Thursday with morning lows in the 40s to 50s, daytime highs in the 60s and 70s near the coast and 80s to 102 further inland. Temps start to cool on Friday as a strong trough moves into the region deepening the marine layer.

Mexico – Shower activity will remain isolated in nature through the weekend. Precipitation totals are expected to range from trace amounts up to 0.20” in showers. However, more could occur within isolated thunderstorms.

Florida – High pressure over the northern Gulf allows for light north to easterly flow through the week, with winds becoming light and variable overnight. Diurnal showers continue through Thursday with late afternoon thunderstorms.

Arizona – Unseasonably hot temps through Thursday from 107 to 113 degrees, followed by cooler temps Friday/Saturday with temps from upper 90s to 104 degrees.


Trucks remained steady in the Northwest, Idaho, and California. The national average on diesel fuel remained steady and is currently at 5.718 per gallon.

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