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Apples – Market slightly higher as several varieties are reach-ing the end of the season. Grannys, Golds, and Galas are almost done. Still good supplies on Red Dels. and Fuji’s.

Asparagus – Better supplies coming out of both Peru and Mexico with good quality. Look for this market to stay steady going into next week.

Avocados – Markets remain active on import and domestic. Out of Mexico, we are in a Demand-Exceeds-Supply situation on 60s, 70s, 84s, and category 2 fruit. Mexico and California peaking on large fruit, 48s and larger. Supply will remain snug for the balance of July until we fully transition into new crop.

Bell Peppers – Overall steady pricing and supplies. Quality is good. Michigan has started in a light way. Light supplies continue out west on pepper due to recent heatwaves. CA pepper will remain elevated over the next few weeks.

Berries (Blackberries) – Mexican season is over. West Coast production is light but improving.Berries (Blueberries) – Market is flat, Pacific Northwest is in full production.Berries (Raspberries) – Mexican season is over. West Coast production is light but improving.

Berries (Strawberries) – Declines in yields are keeping mar-kets firm.

Broccoli – Market up slightly but still plenty of supplies com-ing out of Salinas, Santa Maria and Mexico. Quality contin-ues to be good.

Brussels Sprouts – Market is coming off slightly with more supplies coming through the pipeline.

Carrots – Quality is good on all bulk and value-added product. Markets remain steady. We do have options out of Texas as well.

Cauliflower – Market up slightly but still good supplies and quality coming out of Salinas, Santa Maria and Mexico.

Celery – Overall, this market is steady.Supplies continue to be steady in southern California and moderate in Salinas. There has been some slight seeder being reported but this defect has been minimal. Expect steady supplies for the week with no production shortages in the forecast.

Citrus (Lemons) – Supplies out of Ventura County is limit-ing domestic supplies. Pricing is higher on both Fancy and Choice grade fruit. We’re seeing better supplies on imports out of the east coast with good quality. Imports out west are looking to arrive at the end of the month.

Citrus (Limes) – Supplies and markets have remained steady on all sizes. Plenty of opportunities out of Texas, and also have cross dock options out west and east coast.

Citrus (Oranges) - We are in full swing on Valencia’s, sup-plies are looking steady to start. Quality is good and prices are stable.

Cucumbers – Plentiful supplies in the east and the west. Pricing is steady. Quality is good.

Eggplant – Markets remain steady with good supplies.

Garlic – California supplies remain very tight. Imports from Mexico and Argentina will offset in a minor way. Pricing is higher and quality is good.

Grapes (Green) – California green seedless harvest now in full swing. The market does have some downward pressure but should stay mostly steady this week. Expect it to ease off next week.

Grapes (Red) – Market slightly lower on increasing volume. Good quality and supply.

Green Onions – Good supplies coming out of Mexico. Look for this market to stay steady.

Kale – Steady supplies are keeping this market level. Watching this market closely with the upcoming heat wave.Lettuce (Iceberg) – Stronger markets are occurring both in northern and southern California for this commodity. Yields are being reported as being down do to soil diseases like sclerotinia and fusarium. Fringe and tip burn is also being reported. With schools starting up the first week in August, expect lettuce to be on the rise. Demand will be up.\

Lettuce Leaf – This market is active on romaine. Green and red leaf are steady for now, but as we get closer to school’s opening, expect demand to rise. Fringe and tip burn is being reported in the fields as well as sclerotinia. Yields are less. Romaine hearts are more active as well. Expect to see the markets become more active on romaine and all leaf items as we head into August.

Lettuce Tender Leaf – Heat wave the last couple of weeks has caused quality issues and lower yields on Cilantro. Market is up and supplies are extremely tight. Watch for this market to stay high the next couple of weeks.

Melons (Cantaloupe) – Cantaloupe markets are holding steady this week. Size structure trending large. Peaking on 9/J9s and very light supply on 12s and 15s. Quality is great and brix levels are trending 12% and better.

Melons (Honeydew) – Honeydew markets are steady with good demand. Size structure trending large. Peaking on 5/J5s and very limited on 6s, and 8s. Quality is great and brix sugars are 11% or better.

Melons (Watermelon) – Markets are stable with good demand. Good supplies of seedless and minis. Size structure trending large. Quality is great.

Onions – Market is elevated on red and white on-ions. CA is peaking on colossal sized onions. Over winters are available in WA. Pears – Market on Washington pears is steady. California Bartletts in full production now. Good spread of sizes. Market slightly lower.

Pineapples – Supplies are tight up and will continue through early August. This is typical of this crop’s early summer growing cycle. Quality is good and pricing is steady on whole and crownless fruit.

Potatoes – Demand exceeds available supplies of storage 40 - 70 CT. Look for pricing and availability to improve second week of August when new crop becomes available.

Squash – Overall strong supplies with great quality out of all growing regions.

Stone Fruit – California Yellow Peach market up slightly on decreased volume. Market down on Nectarines and Plums. Good quality on all three.

Tomatoes – Markets steady to slightly higher as crops transition to new fields on both coasts. California continues to struggle with heat related quality issues. Expect better supplies the first week of August.Quality is good.


California – High pressure over the region steadily weakens through the rest of the week allowing the marine layer to slowly deepen and temps to cool away from the coast. Temps will remain near to slightly be-low normal.

Mexico – High pressure over the region steadily weak-ens through the rest of the week allowing the marine layer to slowly deepen and temps to cool away from the coast. Temps will remain near to slightly below normal.

Florida – Ample moisture, with onshore flow will bring light showers, numerous at times, drifting inland with the sea breeze today, with partial clearing for Thursday and Friday.

Arizona -- Chance for scattered thunderstorms today through Thursday morning, becoming more favorable and widespread Thursday evening into Saturday morning.


Trucks remain tight and expensive in the Northwest, ID, and California. The national average remains steady at 3.344 per gallon.

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