Utilizing value-added to counter labor shortage

By Chef Derek Bugge

As every restaurant in the state is being forced to shut its doors for the next few weeks, many are opting to offer take-out and delivery. While this may be foreign to some, it will be the only revenue stream coming into the businesses of those who don’t offer outdoor seating, so it is crucial that you maintain your standards and integrity throughout the process.

Here is a generic list of commonly used value-added items to start using immediately to assist in minimizing labor hours while maintaining those standards. Beyond the items listed, we offer many more options, both fresh and frozen. If you do not see anything that suits your needs, please reach out to me directly at Derek.Bugge@Harborfoods.com and I will gladly assist you with finding the products that are right for you.


Beyond utilizing your labor (or lack thereof), consider your prime and variable costs such as fuel, electricity, and other utilities. Here are some of the many examples of quality, pre-cooked or fabricated proteins that we offer that will keep you from having to turn on costly equipment for prolonged periods of time, such as ovens, hood system, dish machine, prep sinks, grill, flat tops, and grills. These products are also 100% yield, which allows you to account for a less variable food cost.


• Pulled chicken breast (cooked): #359078

• Pulled smoked chicken: #384222

• Cooked chicken wings: #285331

• Fire braised chicken thigh: #576542

• Fire braised chicken breast: #468057

• Cooked diced chicken: #242780


• Carnitas: #732138

• Pork pot roast: #625996

• St. Louis style ribs: #519243

• 2 oz sausage patty (cooked): #442410

• Braised pork shoulder: #671571

• Pork meatball (cooked): #385104

• Cooked bacon pieces: #521993

• Sliced bacon (cooked): #522305


• Pre-cooked prime rib (2mm sliced): #605206

• Medium rare pre-cooked prime rib: #754087

• Cooked pot roast: #186619

• Crumbled beef (cooked): #390194

• Cooked meatballs: #384571


As you know, fresh vegetables are a great source for vitamins and nutrients which promote health and fight off infections. When it comes to serving fresh, there can be no substitute; but we are all working with a skeleton crew, which proves challenging when prepping a menu. Our partners are still working tirelessly to ensure they can provide you with fresh cut items that you are accustomed to. Here are some commonly used items we offer that you can plug in to your menu, and also allow for a 100% yield.

Fresh Vegetables:

• Sliced tomatoes: #808514

• Sliced onions: #252465

• Sliced green bell peppers: #886401

• Shredded cabbage: #622432

• Chopped romaine: #769541

• Better burger leaf: #649173

• Diced celery: #252257

• Denver mix: #886791

• Fajita mix: #51144

• Roasting blend: #82716

• Mirepoix: #253310

•Sliced mushrooms #249137


• Quartered red potatoes: #713147

• ¼ inch sliced potatoes; #807346

• 1-inch blanched potatoes: #785192

• Yukon mashed potatoes: #763941

• Cooked penne: # 689932

• Cooked spaghetti: # 107376


In a perfect world, making your own dressings is fantastic, but unfortunately, we aren’t living in a perfect world right now. We are all forced to make tough decisions that will affect our business and the way we service our customers. Fortunately, we offer a large variety of high-quality dressings to fit your ever- changing needs. If you don’t see one you are looking for, please reach out to myself or your territory sales consultant for more options.


• Ranch: # 766763

• 1000 island: #767816

• Bleu cheese: #767972 o Caesar: #770019

• Italian: # 769770

• Balsamic vinaigrette: #441827


• Teriyaki marinade: #48437

• Kogi secret weapon: #855626

• Sweet and sour: #493376

• Smokey BBQ sauce: #201570


• Pasta sauce: #623887

• Pizza sauce: #15870

• Veal demi glaze: #764041

• Chicken base #752509

• Hollandaise: #475622

• Alfredo #232912


• Pasta sauce: #623887

• Pizza sauce: #15870

• Veal demi glaze: #764041

• Chicken base #752509

• Hollandaise: #475622

• Alfredo #232912


During a calamity, people will look anywhere for something comforting, and what’s more comforting than dessert! Even if you haven’t offered dessert before, there is no better time than now. Whether substituting these (or any of our many options), a dessert is a heart warming gesture when things are rough.

• Macarons: #840558

• Tiramisu: #532848

• Carrot cake: #416030

• Cheesecake: #562480

• Brownies: #536393

• Apple Pie: #198397