Center-of-the-Plate Pavilion

MacDonald Meat Company (Mac Meat) has been cutting and grinding beef for a long time, since 1933 to be exact. Over those nearly 90 years, they have gone through many generations and many changes. But after serving thousands of customers with thousands of items, they feel they have a good idea how to provide high quality meat and seafood products, the way customers demand. Partnering with Harbor Foodservice through the PNW Supplier Alliance Partnership, allows them to focus on what they do well, cutting and grinding meat. This also allows them to bring their unique vendor’s, such as Royal Ranch and Durham Ranch, to a broader audience throughout the PNW.

Without this partnership, many customers would not have the opportunity to try, and fall in love with, the Royal Ranch story, family, and product. This partnership also affords them the opportunity to work with the many fantastic employees of Harbor Foodservice, many of which have been strong supporters since they started working together.

Whether it’s a delicious Royal Ranch 7oz patty, a 16oz Royal Ranch ribeye steak or a Durham Ranch Wagyu filet, they are excited to offer their expertise, product assortment and support to Harbor Foodservice and your operation in any way they can.

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