Mac Meats

Center-of-the-Plate Pavilion

For a significant duration, dating back to 1933, MacDonald Meat Company (Mac Meat) has been involved in beef cutting and grinding. Throughout these nearly 90 years, spanning generations and changes, they’ve gathered insights from serving numerous customers with a vast array of products. This experience has honed their ability to meet customer demands for top-notch meat and seafood offerings.

Teaming up with Harbor Foodservice allows them to focus on their core competence: precision meat cutting and grinding. This collaboration also serves as a platform to introduce their distinctive vendors, like Royal Ranch and Durham Ranch, to a wider audience across the PNW. Without this collaboration, many customers wouldn’t have the chance to discover and develop an affinity for the Royal Ranch story, its family, and its products.

Furthermore, this partnership facilitates working closely with the dedicated employees of Harbor Foodservice, some of whom have been loyal supporters since the inception of their collaboration. Be it the delectable Royal Ranch 7oz patty, a flavorful 16oz Royal Ranch ribeye steak, or a succulent Durham Ranch Wagyu filet, they are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise, diverse product range, and assistance with Harbor Foodservice and your establishment in every possible manner.

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