Northern Fish and Northern Wild are proud members of Harbor Foodservice’s Pacific Northwest Supplier Alliance. We pride ourselves in being local and family owned and operated. We strive to bring unique products to your customers along with the commonly used center-of-the-plate seafood items.

There are currently over 500 products and specs that make up our JIT seafood program through Northern Fish. We have a variety of local species that many operators gravitate to, as well as, many items that are flown in from the east coast like fresh day boat Scallops and Monkfish, Opah and Ono out of Hawaii, Tombo Albacore Tuna from Fiji, and Whole Branzino (Mediterranean Seabass) from Greece and Turkey.

Our specialty produce JIT program through Northern Wild is new and growing. We have a variety of products that can set operators apart. Everything from wild and cultivated seasonal mushroom boxes to truffles, spring greens, and lingonberries. These items are sourced from the Pacific Northwest and around the globe.

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