Restaurant Solutions Presents: Restaurant 2.0

The Covid Era accelerated industry trends by 5-10 years, transformed consumer habits & expectations, drastically shifted our workforce, and advanced meaningful restaurant technology innovations.

Restaurant 2.0 is an opportunity to see a likely future of how our industry engages and develops a new breed of professionals, connects with & serves our diners, maintains regulatory compliance, and ensures ongoing profitability through appropriate technologies, staff training & engagement techniques, and labor friendly ingredients.

Along with our curated cohort of exhibitors, we’ll tell a story of possibilities that will show what’s working, what’s possible, and what’s to come -while helping you see how close you are to your aspirations with tools and resources you likely already have available.

Join us at Harbor Foodservice’s Restaurant 2.0 for customed meetings, presentations, and peer-to-peer connections where Harbor’s Restaurant Consultant, Andy Cook and the following exhibitors will present solutions to the key challenges of today: Labor, Time, and Technology.

• Speed-Scratch Products that save labor as they maximize yields & consistency from Chef Derek Bugge

Future Ready POS Systems that calibrate to your specific needs from SpotOn POS

Next-Level Invoice & Inventory Management, Food Costing, and training from MarginEdge

3rd Party Integrator, Deliverect brings all the major delivery and ordering apps into your POS

See Robot Servers in action from XcuseMe

Workforce Development and Advancement systems from the National Restaurant Association

Information and resources around 2022’s (significant) updates to our Food Safety Code from WA’s Department of Health

Live presentations every 45 minutes from our key exhibitors

Harbor's Restaurant Consultant in Residence, Andy Cook, will share and show aspects of Restaurant 2.0 with select live presentations provided from our key exhibitors to show some of the proven technological innovations and strategic shifts that are most likely to become part of our industry’s future.

10:30: What is Restaurant 2.0 with Harbor Foodservice's Andy Cook
Kitchen Display Systems with SpotOn POS
11:45: 3rd Party App Management with Deliverect
12:30: QR Codes Dynamic Dining with SpotOn POS
1:15: Server Robots in action with XuseMe
2:00: Workforce Development and Advancement Resources from the NRA Education Foundation

Contact Andy Cook: or your Sales Consultant