Skills Training

Having a properly trained staff is critical to a high functioning and profitable restaurant. Whether you are looking for hospitality training for your servers or you are wanting to increase the skills and efficiencies for your cooks the Restaurant Solutions group has the ability to help you.

We can customize the trainings to fit your staff’s unique needs and skill levels to ensure their time is maximized. Get in touch with the Restaurant Solutions Group today to see how we can create a personalized solution for you.

Topics the Restaurant Solutions Group can support with but are not limited to:

Protein Fabrication

Increased labor cost means the amount of time spent prepping must go down. Decrease waste and prep time by learning the most efficient way to fabricate your top proteins. Have Chef Derek Bugge give your team a hands-on demonstration and skills training in breaking down your key proteins.

Knife Skills

Combining speed, efficiency, consistency and safety is critically important to a successful restaurant. Let Harbor teach your staff proper knife technique to avoid accidents and increase productivity.

Server Training

We are in the hospitality business. Taking care of guests how they want to be treated is key to the guest experience. Let the Restaurant Solutions Group work with your front of house staff to help maximize your culture and profit.

Sauces & Stocks

You know what they say, behind every incredible entre is usually an amazing Stock. Work with Chef Derek to improve your stocks and sauces by learning a few simple skills and steps.

Fundamentals of Hospitality

Create guest satisfaction by having a culture of Hospitality. From your dishwasher to your host, the guest experience is driven by hospitality. Team up with Operations Consultant Andy Cook to embed a hospitality culture in your operation.


Good culture affects everyone from staff to guests. Do you have a mission and vision, a just cause that motivates and inspires your team? Work with the Restaurant Solutions Group to hone your cause and expand your company culture.

Social Media

A proper social media strategy can drive new business and generate repeat customers. Perform a digital audit with Restaurant Consultant Andy Cook to refine your online presence to increase consumer awareness and grow sales.

Website Operations

A website is one of the first impressions a guest will have on your brand. Learn how to manage your website to create content and information that is engaging and effective in selling your restaurant.