Smithco Meats

At SmithCo we understand your establishment is a business.
It is our job to furnish you with the right products for your plate and keep your tables full of satisfied guests. Our goal is to be an extension of your kitchen and support you with the same level of dedication to quality that you would expect from an experienced employee.

A wide range of options

We offer a broad portfolio of portioned and ground beef, lamb, pork, veal, poultry and game products. Our sales staff will listen to your needs and guide you to the best products at the price point you need. For something special, we offer custom trim, dry age, and grind programs built around the breeds, brands and blends you choose. Our portioned and ground Certified Angus Beef natural, choice, and prime products will provide you with the quality and consistency your customers expect.

Brands and Breeds

Consistency comes with a program tied to a specific breed or brand.

Specialty beef packers target specific market segments with niche breeds such as Black Angus or Japanese Wagyu beef. Pork producers offer a variety of heritage swine breeds most notably Berkshire pork known for its marbling and flavor. Others are developing cross bread lines capitalizing the best features from the Durac, Landrace, Chester White and Yorkshire breeds.

Through the USDA, beef packers and trade organizations are able to offer branded beef programs tied to specific grade schedules. The most famous Schedule, G-1, belongs to Certified Angus Beef. These schedules define the breeds, grades, maturity, marbling and carcass attributes that cattle must meet to qualify for the program, narrowing the broad criteria established in USDA grades. The result is consistently sized and marbled beef served to your guests.

Certified Angus Beef

Certified Angus Beef is not just another Angus brand. Only one in four Angus cattle meet all ten of the marbling, age, size and carcass requirements in the CAB specification. Beyond requiring modest and moderately abundant marbling, the CAB specification calls for medium or fine marbling texture to ensure dependable flavor and juiciness. Specifying only the youngest, "A" maturity cattle, ensures exceptional coloring, tenderness and texture. Constraints on the minimum and maximum size of the cattle lead to consistent thickness and plate coverage.

Custom Dry Aged Beef

For over 30 years, SmithCo Meats' dry age room has produced meat with a distinctive dry age flavor recognized by chefs as the best in the Northwest.

Aging beef allows the natural enzymes in beef to break down connective tissues delivering a tender and flavorful product. Since the adoption of vacuum packaging in packing houses, most beef is now wet aged in plastic bags. This delivers a tender product that is suitable for most applications.

The most important part of the Hamburger is the burger

If you are looking for a unique burger for your menu, or something special for recipe, SmithCo will work with you to develop your custom grind program. Chiefs throughout the region come to SmithCo looking to develop their ideas or choose from the variety of products we already have in production.