Chef's Take on Certified Hereford Beef program (CHB)

Hello Harborites, by now everyone is familiar with our new Certified Hereford Beef program (CHB), but I thought it important to take just two more minutes of your time and give you my take on it.

My philosophy on great food is no great mystery: “you start with a quality product, you will finish with a quality product.” You can’t cook with a subpar ingredient and expect that your dish will be transcendental. While there are techniques and flavors we can use to manipulate certain shortcomings, there are those that all the tricks in the world won’t be able to hide. That’s what excites me about CHB.

Since Dan Kump brought CHB into our offering rotation a while back, I have worked with different cuts of CHB steaks multiple times, and the consistency of high quality has been unparalleled. And we all know that one of the keys to success IS that consistency.

During tumultuous times such as these, it’s more important than ever than we maintain some products in our arsenal that we can rely on to deliver the quality and consistency that we promise on a daily basis. CHB is one of those products. I stand behind it 100%

For those of you that have met him, you know that Ty Ragsdale, the Regional Brand Manager for Hereford, is all about getting product in front of the customer. He really is a great guy to work with and loves to support our customers any way he can. Every once in a while, I come across a supplier that you can tell has a genuine love, passion, and dedication to his product. Ty is at the top of that list.

So reach out to myself, reach out to Dan, or reach out to Ty, and let’s get some steaks in front of customers. Let Ty tell the story, I can support with the logistics, Dan can help make the numbers work, and let’s help our customers put an offering on their menu that has a distinction of setting them above their competition.

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