Harbor Foodservice: Your 2023 NRA Food Show Proxies

Restaurant Show

“The whole industry will be under one roof… If you were able to go to the NRA Food Show, what would you be looking into and why?”

Last year, prior to the 2022 NRA Food Show, our resident restaurant consultant, Andy Cook asked a handful of clients that question. Armed with a shopping list of interests across a spectrum of topics and a little context about each client’s needs, budgets, and expectations, Andy uncovered and negotiated thousands of dollars in savings (one more than $20k), helped identify worthy alternatives, secured exclusive Show Promos, optimized technology systems, shared & contextualized trends, and helped match emerging innovations with relevant operators.

This year, we're excited to announce that our team of over a dozen Territory Sales Consultants, District & Category Managers, along with a handful of upper leadership will be representing your interests on the NRA Food Show floor. But we need your input! Fill out our survey to tell us your needs, aspirations, and interests. We’ll commit ourselves to pursuing your interests and helping you fulfill your restaurant’s needs and your aspirations.

At a loss? We encourage you to browse this year’s NRA FOOD SHOW WEBSITE to see all that’s available. -OR- Still drawing a blank? Simply, access the form, share your prefered contact information, and select "I'd like to be included in after Show Reports"

Shortly after returning from the Show, our team will provide you with an overview of our discoveries and coordinate an opportunity to provide you and your collaborators with a comprehensive report.

Food Show Proxy Opportunities

Using us as your proxies will grant you:

  • Access to Food Show exclusive promos
  • Compare, contrast, & negotiate with similar goods & services
  • Negotiate retention incentives from current goods & service providers
  • Gauge compatibility to your needs

Optimize Your Technology Stack

Share with us your current and/or aspirational technology services and we’ll help to ensure that you’re taking advantage of what they have to offer (or not being taken advantage of). In past cases, we were able to:

  • Qualify for rebates & promotions
  • Upgrade hardware
  • Access unknown features
  • Renegotiate terms
  • Identify better options
  • Integrate or identify comparable service that can integrate with your system
  • Early access to emerging features
  • Secure additional training for operators, managers, and staff

Peer Collaboration

Have you ever gone too slow because you wanted to ‘wait-and-see’ what other restaurants’ experiences were before you moved? Would you like an opportunity to connect with peers who are working on what you’re working on? Do you wish you could help someone by sharing your experiences?

We’d like to use this as an opportunity to help you connect with other operators across cuisine types, interests, products, issues, opportunities, etc. As parallel interests become apparent, we’ll help play match-maker connecting you with other operators with similar interests & experiences.

Group Resources

Negotiating on your behalf (and with Harbor Executive Leadership in attendance) we leverage our access to potential customer numbering in the thousands to secure you pricing and priority services usually reserved for multi-unit, franchise groups, and corporate chains.

After the show

Our team will compile personalized reports with resources, information, and contacts specific to your requests. Established Harbor Foodservice Customers and key prospects will have the option to follow up in person with their Territory Sales Consultant and/or a Harbor Foodservice specialist for a personalized report and support resources for the projects our research inspires. And in the months following the Food Show, we'll organize additional resources and events that will be inspired by the topics and themes you direct our attention towards. [EXAMPLE] Should we discover that many of you are using the same POS System, we’ll work with the POS provider to host training workshops to upskill yourself, your managers, and your staff.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your foodservice business and network with your peers! Fill out the NRA FOOD SHOW PROXY SURVEY now and let us help you fulfill your needs and aspirations. And if you're at a loss, browse this year's NRA FOOD SHOW WEBSITE to see all that's available. We're excited to be your 2023 NRA Food Show Scouts!