The Washington Hospitality Association partners with Pierce County to help save restaurants together!

The Restaurant Rally program, is simple:

  • Before October 23, your full-service restaurant submits an application at
  • From November 8-19, 2020 (excluding Friday and Saturday), participating restaurants will:
    • Offer a 30% discount to dine-in patrons off their restaurant food bill (alcohol excluded),
    • Pierce County will reimburse participating restaurants at 50% of gross sales.

Restaurants need to qualify under basic criteria such as:

  • Be a licensed restaurant operating in Pierce County before March 23, 2020, that continues to operate and be open to the public,
  • Be a full-service restaurant designated with a NAICS Code 722511, and
  • Be operating within accordance with the state’s “Safe Start” reopening plan and applicable federal, state, and local public health guidance and directives.

Restaurants participating in this program will be eligible to receive a reimbursement grant of no less than $5,000 and up to $90,000.

The program was developed with the input of Pierce County restaurant operators to ensure it would be easy to implement, and viable for businesses. This is a rare chance to show the public how our dine-in restaurants are safely serving customers while helping your business recover from the devastating impacts of the pandemic. It will require you to register by October 23.