Chef's Pick: Certified Hereford Beef


For the Quality

I’m a cook who takes pride in every dish I create, which starts with sourcing high value ingredients that provide me with confidence, quality, and consistency to create a great meal, and the ability to replicate it time and time again. Hereford Beef’s rigorous labeling standards guarantee that your standards are being meet time and time again.

Locally Sourced

Whether its for the quality, local economy, environmental concerns, increased availability, or D) all of the above, many of us prefer to support local whenever possible. Certified Hereford Beef is a collection of ranches all over the country, over 100 of those of whom are right here in the PNW.


My Perfect Hereford Steak

I generously S&P seasoned a Hereford Ribeye for 1 to 2 hours at room temperature to develop the pellicle. Then using either a charbroiler, a grill, or a pan, sear the outside to create a well charred crust (remember, char “diamonds” are for pictures. The more char the better!) I then placed it in the oven allowing the steak to come up to my desired temperature (120 for MR). Once removed from the oven, I covered it gently with a lid, and allow to rest for +/- 10 minutes before cutting into it.

No need for sauce, blue cheese, or A1. The well-developed muscle and prestige marbling provided all the flavor needed… we loved it!

Try it Yourself

Certified Hereford Beef has a great sampling program. If standout beef is something you are interested in to set you apart, talk with your Harbor Foodservice Sales Consultant about a customized Certified Hereford Beef cutting.

Check out Hereford Beef's Website HERE