Food Show 2023

September 27

10am - 3pm

Greater Tacoma Convention Center

    What you'll see

    Our vendor partners play a crucial role in creating an unforgettable experience for attendees. They bring a diverse range of products, innovative ideas, and industry expertise to the table. By showcasing their offerings, attendees have the opportunity to discover new ingredients, taste unique flavors, and gain valuable insights into the latest food trends.

    The presence of our vendors adds immense value to the show. They provide attendees with the chance to forge new partnerships, establish direct connections with suppliers, and explore potential collaborations. Their expertise and knowledge can inspire attendees to elevate their culinary creations and enhance their restaurant offerings.

    In short, attendees will want to see meet our vendors because they offer a treasure trove of culinary delights, fresh ideas, and valuable industry connections. It's an opportunity to discover, learn, and be inspired by the best the food industry has to offer.

    special Seminar

    Convention Center 4th Floor

    9 - 10am

    Join us for a special seminar presented by Austin Allred. Austin is revolutionizing the way cattle are raised and brought to market. Austin’s Regenerative Ranching model, inspired by the highly successful Royal Family Farm & Dairy, is the topic of the seminar and he will show how they are changing an industry.

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    inflation fighter specials

    Our Category Managers have selected a number of items with special pricing that will be available on orders placed at the show. You must attend the show in order to receive special pricing. Participating vendor booths will be highlighted with special signage for easy identification. Please make sure that you take advantage of them and come prepared to buy!

    directions & parking

    We will be running a complimentary Shuttle Service to and from the Show.

    Shuttles will begin at the Tacoma Dome Lot A at 7am and will shuttle on the half hour or as they fill up.

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    win big

    Raffles & Prizes!

    Harbor Foodservice will be having hourly drawings for prizes throughout the day. There are multiple ways to enter. Prior to the show, fill out your Food Show reminder cards (including this one!), then bring them with you to enter at the Info booth. While at the show, many vendors, including our 5 PNW Vendor Alliance Partners and specialty booths, will have entries available.

    Many of our vendors will also be offering an opportunity to win special gifts and prizes for visiting their booth. Contest winners will be drawn throughout the day and do not need to be present to win.

    Show Floor Map